DLL to Lib

DLL to Lib 3.0

Converts DLLs into equivalent static libraries
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Simplify the process of handling DLLs and fixing errors like "DLL not found" by converting them into equivalent static library files fully compatible with native applications by recreating file content in different structures and exporting DLL reference data. No source code is required for access.

Fed up with distributing a lot of DLLs with your applications? Fed up with the errors such as "DLL not found"? OK, let DLL to Lib help you. DLL to Lib is a magical tool which can convert a DLL file into its equivalent static library file. After that, you can replace the original DLL file with the static library file, rebuild your application, and distribute it without the DLL file!
The most exciting thing is that the conversion process DOES NOT require any source codes of the DLL files! All works are done from binary to binary. DLL to Lib will rebuild programming
interfaces identical to the export functions in the DLL and reconstruct the necessary symbol tables, string tables and reference tables from the DLL to make a valid static library
for you! Incredible? Moreover, DLL to Lib integrates many utilities, including the "Import Library Reference Information Generator", the "Symbol Finder", etc. to make sure that the conversion process is successful.

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